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  • World Travel Activity

    The Famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy, was begun in 1174 by Bonanno Pisano. It began to lean almost from the start and over the years much has been done to try and keep the tower from leaning further.

    The city of Segovia, Spain, is famous for the Roman aqueduct built over 2000 years ago. It rises 96 feet at its highest point and no mortar was used to hold the stones of the aqueduct in place-just pressure from the other stones keeps everything from falling down!

    The Giant Causeway in Northern Ireland is very impressive to see. Over 40,000 basalt columns are packed together created from volcanic activity millions of years ago. Interestly, the columns are also found at the other end of the waters by Scotland. Legend tells of two giants....The Irish giant built the casueway to fight the Scottish giant. One day, the Scottish giant made a surprise visit. Worried, the Irish giant, Finn McCool dressed as a baby and had his wife tell Bennandonnar that if he thought her baby was big, he should stay and meet her husband. Bennandonnnar destroyed the causeway on his hurried trip back to Scotland!

    Pont du Gard is a famous aqueduct built by the Romans found in France. Unlike the aqueduct in Segovia, Spain, the Pont du Gard was built with mortar to keep the structure together.

    The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, is a famed landmark of the country. A very expensive restaurant, called the Jules Verne, is found here. Built originally for the exposition of 1889, there are some interesting facts along the stairway to the top of the wrought-iron structure(you can take an elevator,too). For examples, in 1948 Bouglione, owner of a famous circus took the oldest female elephant in the world at the time(85) up to the first floor of the Eiffle Tower. The stairs are very narrow. I hope the poor elephant made it to her 86 birthday. In 1984, Robert Moriaty flew between the tower's pillars in a Beechcraft Bonanza. He did the activity "just for fun"!

    The Cliff of Moher are found on the west coast of Ireland. The magestic cliffs rise about 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean.

    You can see peat stacked throughout the landscape of Ireland. Partly decayed plant matter that collected in swamps and marches, the peat is cut and dried and has been used as a fuel source for hundreds of years.

    St. Basil's Church is found in Red Square in Moscow, Russia. The church, begun in 1555 by Ivan the Great, is famous for its colorful onion dome architecture. It is said that Ivan blinded the architect who designed the church so he would be unable to build something to rival the one Ivan had built.

    Found near Wiltshire, England, Stonehenge is one of the most famous sites in the country. No one knows how the stones were moved and placed where they are found nor what the purpose the 3000 year old structure had.

    The Tower Bridge of London, England is beautiful to see especially with the bright blue painted trim. It was built in 1894 and stands over the River Thames.

    The Pulnabrone Dolmen is probably the most famous in Ireland. Said to be the burial tombs of prehistoric children, it is found in the Burrens of Ireland. The word "dolmen" comes from the Breton words meaning "Stone Table".

    This 13th century fortress found in France is wonderful to see. Seems a woman named Dame Carcas, tired of a very long siege for the city that lasted years, threw the last pig over the walls. The army of Charlemagne, thinking that the people inside the fortress still must have plenty to eat if they could sacrifice a pig, gave up the fight. The people sounded the bell(french-"sonned") letting all know the fighting was over and the city was renamed Carcassone.

    The National Famine Monument was built in memory of the estimated 4 million Irish that lost their lives during the potato famine, of the 1800s, and is found near the city of Westport across from the visitor's center of Croagh Patrick. Croagh Patrick is the mountain that St. Patrick stayed to fast for forty days in 441 AD. Many people each year make the hike up the mountain in a holy pilgrimage.

    This is the birthplace of the famous English playwrite, William Shakespeare, found in a lovely town, called Stratford-upon-Avon.

    This is a photograph of the memorial to the Battleship the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii.

    This is a photograph of Diamond Head in Oahu, Hawaii

    About 88,000 barrels of oil per hour move through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline on its 800 mile journey to Valdez.

    The Marjorie Glacier found in Glacier Bay, Alaska

    The highest peak in North America, name Denali, from the Athabaskan dialect,meaning" the high one" is also known as Mt. McKinley. Found in Denali National Park, the peak is about 20,320 ft.

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