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World Travels Activity:
1. What is the name for the decayed plant matter used as fuel in parts of Ireland?_______
2. In 1948, which animal climbed the steps of the Eiffel Tower?__________
3. What famous 3000 year old structure is found near Wiltshire, England?_____________
4. Over which river can you find the Tower Bridge of London?_____________
5. In which country is St. Basil's Church found?_____________________
6. What caused 4 million people to die in Ireland in the 1800s?_______________
7. For which battleship was a memorial created in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii?___________
8. Why did the invading army give up the long fight to take control of the city of Carcassone, France?_____________
9. Mt. McKinley is usually called this,_______________, which means "high one"._________
10. What holds together the stones of the Roman aqueduct, in Segovia,Spain?___________
11. Who is the famous English playwrite who was born in Stratford-upon-Avon?___________
12. What do people think was the use of Irish dolmens?__________