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The official U.S. time - snapshot

by Gail Skroback Hennessey
Check out all the other Presidential Information and Activities at this link:
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  • 1. Presidents of the United States have long had an assortment of pets. John Quincy Adams had silk worms and an alligator, James Buchanan had a eagle and an elephant and Martin Van Buren had two tiger cubs. Which three presidents didn't have any pets?_________,_________ and ________ What types of pets were Rebecca and Horace:_____________, Enoch:__________, and Nip, Tuck, and Snowflake:_________________,all pets of President Calvin Coolidge? Which president had parakeets named Bluebell and Marybelle?_________ Go to this link to find the answers:Fact Monster

    2. President James Garfield was the first left-handed president,Harry S. Truman was the first president to take a submarine ride and the teddy bear was named for Theodore Roosevelt.Which president approved of the Star-Spangled Banner as the national anthem?______________ Which song was used as the "unofficial" national anthem before the Star-Spangled Banner?_____ Go to this link to find the

    3. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the only president elected to four terms of office and was the first president to ride in a/ an________. His hobbies included swimming and sailing. FDR was the first President to be seen on __________. When the King and Queen of England were guests at the White House , President Roosevelt served this to his royal guests!________While president, what activity did FDR discontinue at the White House?______. Go to this link to find the answers: White House.Gov

    4. President George Washington was the only president to not live in the White House. The building where the presidents reside was designed by ___________. In 1814, the __________set the White House on fire during the War of ______________. President Theodore Roosevelt was the first to name the executive building, the White House. Before this, it was known as the Executive Mansion and Presiden'ss House. Who was the president when electricity was installed in the White House?Go to this site for the answers:Enchanted Learning

    5. President Lincoln was the first president to wear a beard. Other such bread wearing presidents were Rutherford Hayes, James Garfield and Benjamin Harrison. Which four presidents wore mustaches? __________ , _____________,__________ and _________.Go to this link to find the answers:Washington Post
    6. In 1954,Hail to the Chief , was selected as the official music played to announce the President of the United States.
    Written by an English composer named ____________,it has been used since 1852 with the inauguration of__________. Before this song is played, what is the music played to announce the president is about to enter a room?_______________. Which two instruments are used for this tune?________ and _______ Go to this link to find the answers:
    7. The term lady was given by the press to Martha Washington. Pat Nixon, wife of President Richard M. Nixon, was the first lady to wear pants in public. Which first lady was the only first lady to get elected to public office and run for President of the United States?_____________________Which first lady's husband died only a month after his inauguration?___________ Which first lady spoke fluent Chinese?__________ Go to this link to find the answers: First Ladies.Org
    8. Since President Hayes, every president except for Presidents Johnson, Nixon and Ford, has used the Resolute desk, in the Oval Office. The desk was made from wood from the English ship, the ___________ . It was a gift from_______________to President Hayes in 1880. Although presidents change the decorations ,the____________ from the original 1909 oval office always remains in the room. What is found on the ceiling?________ Go to this link to find the answers: White House Museum.Org
    9. Of all the vice presidents to hold the office, nine succeeding to the Presidency with the death of the president. Which vice president became president with the assassination of John F. Kennedy?_____________. Who became president with the resignation of President Richard Nixon?_________ Of the 14 vice presidents to become President, only four were actually elected in a presidential election. Name the four:______________,_______________,_________________and ____________________.Go to this link to find the answers:
    Pictures of the Oval office: White House Museum.Org


    If you'd like a webquest on Abraham Lincoln. Click here:Abraham Lincoln Webquest!

    Don't Forget the Ladies-First Ladies. Check out this fun/informative webquest:First Ladies(Webquest)

    Download FREEBIE: Presidential Trivia(with extension activities). Great for an Interactive Notebook Activity. Click here:FREEBIE: Presidential Trivia(Interactive Notebook Activity)

    Learn about the White House:The White House(A Webquest!)

    Although I have tried to find child friendly websites, always preview the sites prior to giving the cyberhunt to your students and then monitor your students that they stay on the site that is listed for the activity. Thanks!
    Contact me if you'd like me to send along the key.

    Note: Illustration from

    My complete web quest on the 2016 Presidential Election has 12 questions, comprehension questions and several extension activities.

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      Gail Hennessey