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Updated: 8/2011
Summer Olympics- Beijing 2008
Learn about the History of the Olympics and the Summer Games with this fun cyberhunt...
1. The first olympic games were held in ____________in the country of ____________. At the first games, the only events were_____________. Eventually,___________and ___________ were added to the games played. Go to this site to find the answers:

2. In _________the first Modern Olympics were held in _________, the capital of Greece. ______countries took part in ________events. Why didn't Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who founded the International Olympic Committee in 1894, allow women to participate?_____________________________
Go to this site to find the answers:

3. Ancient Greeks thought fire was given to man by the god of fire named ________________. ___________________and____________were used to create fire by early Greeks.

4. The original games were held in honor of the Greek's chief god______________ Winners received a wreath made of___________ called a _____________. __________were not allowed to compete or attend.
Go to this site to find the answers:

5. The Olympic flag with five interlocking rings(on a white background) are the following colors________________ and represent the continents which participate in the Olympics. Which is the only continent not represented at the games?__________ Why were these colors selected?____________________
Which three continents have yet to host an Olympic Game?_________
Go to this site to find the answers:

6. Which pair of sports are NOT part of the summer Olympics?
(gymnastics and archery) (track and field and cycling) ( curling and skeleton)
Go to this site to find the answers:

7. Where will the next summer Olympics be held and when?_____________
Where will the next winter Olympics be held and when?_______________
Which United States cities have hosted winter and summer Olympics to date?______________________

8. What is the name for the Official mascots of the Beijing Olympic Games?__________.Which four popular animals do the mascots represent? _____________________. If you place the names of the mascots together they say what in Chinese?_______________ Go to this site for answers:

9. In which year did the first women complete in the Olympics?_________ Which event did women participate?_________________
Who was the first woman to win an Olympic event?________________

10. What is the slogan of the 2008 Summer Olympics?_________________ How many countries will be participating?________ How many NEW sports will be added to this summer Olympics?_______What will be a new event for women at the summer games?__________

11. What is the nickname for the National Stadium in Beijing?_____________ How is the structure "'green" in its construction?________ Go to this site for answers:

12. What is the name of the world's largest public square found in Beijing?____________ What was some of the names previously used for the city of Beijing? _____________________With about a population of______________, Beijing is the _________largest city in the country of China. Go to this site for answers: Go to this site for answers: http://

Check out my photographs of China and see the Birds Nest(Beijing Olympics 2008) at this link:Gail Hennessey

***** Although I have checked the links for appropriateness, please preview before using and always monitor that your students stay at the sites listed. * Contact me for the KEY

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Gail Hennessey