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The official U.S. time - snapshot


The White House is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.What do you know about where the President lives during his term in office?Did you know that President Jimmy Carter was the first to install solar energy panels on the White House or that President Ronald Reagan had them removed? Did you know that President Benjamin Harrison and his family didn't like to shut off the "new" electric lights(installed in 1891), afraid to touch the switches or that a specially large bathtub was installed in the White House for President William Taft who weighed 332 lbs?Learn more about the White House with this fun and informative webquest.

  • 1. Did you know that the White has has 35 bathrooms, 147 windows , and 132 rooms? Did you know that 570 gallons of white paint are needed to paint the White House?Through the years, the White House has also been called_______________, ______________and __________________. Which president officially called it the White House?___________________________Find the answers at this link:White House.Gov

  • 2. Although our first president, George Washington selected the location for the House and supervised its construction,he never got to live there. Which president was the first to move in the White House in 1800?___________________It wasn't finished(only six of the 132 rooms were completed) and was unfurnished.The First Lady used the East Room to hang the wash! In addition to the home of the President of the United States and his family, what other purpose does the White House provide?__________________Find the answers at this link:White House.Gov

  • 3. Until the Civil War, the biggest house in the United States was the White House.In addition to a tennis court, swimming pool, a jogging track and a movie theater, what other two recreations can be done in the White House?_______________________Find the answers at this link:White House.Gov

  • 4. A competition was held to find the person to design the White House. The winner,___________, was given $500 for his winning plan._________________ In which year was the White House burned to the ground and by whom?__________________and ______________Find the answers at this link:White House.Gov

  • 5. The Oval Office is where the President usually goes to work. It is here that the President has many meetings with staffers, cabinet officials,and meets dignitaries. It is also in the Oval Office that the President often speaks to the American people. What is the famous desk which most presidents have used?_____________________From which leader and for which president was the desk given in 1880?_____________________Find the answers at this link:White House Museum.Org

  • 6. Which famous singer did President RIchard Nixon welcome in the Oval Office in 1970?_________________Which singer met President George W. Bush in the Oval Office in 2005?_______________Most presidents change the drapes and rug when in office. Which two presidents didn’t change the room decorations at all?__________________and _______________.How did President Obama change the wall color?__________________Find the answers at this link:White House Museum.Org

  • 7. What did first lady Dolly Madison rescued from the White House before it was burned in 1814?_______________________.Who was the artist?______________Find the answers at this link:WHHA.Org

  • 8.There are actually 6 levels in the White House. It has been open to the public since 1805 under President____________.During which times has the White House been closed to the public?_______________and _____________What is the name of the room in the White house where the first lady welcomes her guests?_________________The largest room in the White House is the East Room.What is done here?_______________Find the answers at this link:US Parks

  • 9. The area where the Oval Office of the White House is now located, once was where stables housed horses and carriages. The Rose Garden, once called the West Garden, of the White House dates back to which President?___________________________Which first lady first replaced the colonial gardens with roses?______________Find the answers at this link:White House Museum.Org

    Interesting tidbit:

    Some say that the White house has some ghostly residents including Abraham Lincoln's ghost as well as the ghosts of Dolly Madison, Abigail Adams and Andrew Jackson.

    Read about the ghostly residents of the White House at this link: History