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Updated: 1/2014
Since the 2010 games in Vancouver have concluded, I have deleted the Vancouver2010 webquestions but have kept webquestions about the games in general and the country of Canada.

NOTE: My Winter Games 2014 might also be of interest:Learn about the history of the games, both past and present,which originated in Greece, with this informative webquest. There are 10 questions as well a number of fun facts. Extension activities are also included(and the key). Check it out at this link:Winter 2014 Games! A Webquest/Extension Activities

2/9/2010:My Vancouver Winter Games' Webquest was selected by the Vancouver Olympic 2010 Educational Project Showcase to be highlighted at the official website for the Winter Olympics!

If you watch the Vancouver Winter Olympics, specifically the ski jumping competition, at Whistler, B.C, you might notice something missing...women. Did you know that women aren't allowed to participate in ski jumping at the Olympics? Since 1998, the IOC(International Olympics Committee) has been asked to change the ban on women ski jumpers, but it has yet to do so. A ruling in 1991 by the IOC said that all future Olympic sports MUST be open to both men and women BUT it only applies to future sports not those that already exist! The only other olympic competition that is men's only is the Nordic (but that includes ski jumping!) Women indeed are good at ski jumping. In fact, world ski jumping champion, American Lindsey Van, holds the North American distance record with a jump of 171 meters (563 feet) for both men and women, done at Whistler. Maybe,the 2014's winter olympics in Socchi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, will be different with women able to show their ski jumping talents! What is YOUR opinion on this?

Winter Olympics-Vancouver, Canada 2010
Learn about the History of the Olympics and the Winter Olympics with this informative webquest...

1. How many countries in the southern hemisphere have hosted the winter olympics? ___________Which country has won the most medals in the winter olympics?_________ What is the number of winter olympic sports?___________What is the biathlon?______________What is Nordic combined?________________
Find the answers at this link:

2. Women athletes could compete in only figure skating until 1948 when skiing was opened as a competitive sport for women. As of 2007, the USA has never won a medal in which two winter olympic events?__________ Other than curling, what are the only other three winter Olympic sports held indoors?______________________Which Caribbean island nation first competed in the winter Olympic's bobsled event at Calgary, Canada, in 1988?________ Which two countries south of the equator are the only ones to win medals at Winter Olympic Games?__________
Find the answers at this link: http://Info Please

3. Canada is the second largest country in the world, after
the country of
Russia. What is the capital of Canada which is found in
Ontario?_______With 10 provinces and 3 territories,
Vancouver, Canada's third largest city after Toronto and
Montreal, is found where?___________The
tallest mountain in Canada is the ______________,
which is 19,850 ft. tall. _______is the longest river in
Canada, at 2635 miles. It is found in the
Northwest Territories.Find the answers at this link:

4. The flag of Canada has a red maple leaf, the national symbol. What is the national animal of Canada?___________ Who named the land of Canada?__________What did the word,"Kanata"mean in the Huron-Iroquois language?_____________
Find the answers at this site:Enchanted Learning

5. The first olympic games were held in __________in the country of_______. At the first games, the only events were_____________.Held in honor of the Greek chief god Zeus, what did Emperor Theodosius 1 do in 394 AD? ___________
Find the answers at this link: Fact Monster

6. In _________the first Modern Olympics were held in _________, the capital of Greece. ______countries took part in ________events. Why didn't Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who founded the International Olympic Committee in 1894, allow women to participate?_________________
Find the answers at this link:Fact Monster

7. What are the colors of the five rings on the Olympic Flag? (blue, yellow, black, green, and red) on a white ground. The rings represent the _______ parts of the world that were joined together for the Olympics. What does the motto of the Olympic Games mean in English? _______
Find the answers at this link:Enchanted Learning

8. Winners received a wreath made of___________ called a _____________. __________were not allowed to compete or attend. What events were called equestrian events?________________
Find the answers at this link: Enchanted Learning

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