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William Shakespeare

Did you Know?

1. Did you know that there are actually many ways to spell his name? The estimate is that there are over 80 ways to spell Shakespeare's name! William never spelled his name the way his name is spelled today!

2.Probably, the three most famous works were Romeo and Juliet, Hamletand Macbeth. Shakespeare introduced thousands of words to the English language and also wrote 154 sonnets.

3. Shakespeare also used lots of expressions that are common today.Examples include: "Knock, knock, Who's there?", "green eyed monster", "vanish into thin air", "wild goose chase", "makes your hair stand on end", "so-so", "good riddance", "tongue tied", "night owl" and "eaten out of house and home".

4. It is said that next to the Bible, his works are the most quoted!

5. Did you know that pencils were a new invention when Shakespeare was born?

6. In one of his most famous plays,"Romeo and Juliet", Shakespeare uses the word love150 times.

7. It is thought(based on a 17th century portrait of him), that Shakespeare wore a gold hoop in his left ear.

8. During the time of Shakespeare, plays were only performed in the afternoon.

9.Women were not allowed to participate in plays during the time of Shakespeare so all the roles were performed by men.

Check out these Resources:

1. William Shakespeare: Possible Interactive Notebook Activity.Short reading, fun facts, comprehension questions and a few extension activities: William Shakespeare:Short Reading/Interactive Notebook Activity

2. Check out my Reader's Theater Script on William Shakespeare.Shakespeare is a guest on a talk show and the studio audience asks questions about his life. Part of my Ms. Bie Ografee's Talk Show Series. Comprehension/Did You Know?section, LOTS of extension activities/links/key. William Shakespeare: A Reader's Theater Script

Note: Illustration from

*37 plays are what most believe Shakespeare wrote in his lifetime.

Note: Other famous writers:

I also have a play on Hans Christian Andersen,Charles Dickens and a Webquest on Charles Dickens!

Charles Dickens, A Reader's Theater Script