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Summer Olympics London 2012

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the "Games of the XXX Olympiad" or "London 2012 Olympic Game", begin on July 27th, 2012. The city of London, the capital of the country of Great Britain, is the first city to ever host the games three times. Two hundred countries will send about 15,000 athletes to the games.Which are your favorite sports to watch? Learn more about the history of the Olympics, the 2012 Summer Olympics and the city of London with this webquest.
1. London is the largest city in Great Britain and, in all of Europe.It is located in southeastern England. Originally, settled by the__________, it was called originally named____________.What are London's two two nicknames?______________and _________________ Find the answers at this Click on Quick Facts about London)
2. What is the name of the residence of the Queen of England, found in the city of London?_________________The __________is the name for the underground railway system in London. What interesting fact can you find about the this railway system?_________________Find the answers at this (Click on Quick Facts about London)
3.If you visit London, you would probably enjoy seeing_______________, the world's largest toy store. What is the name of the river that flows through the city of London?_________ It is England's longest river and the second longest river in the United Kingdom.It flows to the North Sea. You might also like to catch a ride on the world's largest observation wheel called the________________. If you go to the Tower of London,what is housed here?______________Find the answers at this
4. No place in Great Britain is more than about 74 miles from the sea.(120 km) The highest mountain in the country of Great Britain is _____________.It is located in _____________. The longest river in the country of Great Britain is _______________. What bodies of water separates Great Britain from the rest of the Europe?________________and_______________. Find the answers at this
5. The first olympic games were held in ____________in the country of ____________. At the first games, the only events were_____________. Eventually,___________and ___________ were added to the games played.Find the answers at this link:FactMonster
6. In _________the first Modern Olympics were held in _________, the capital of Greece. ______countries took part in ________events. Why didn't Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who founded the International Olympic Committee, in 1894, allow women to participate?____________________________Find the answers at this link:FactMonster
7. Ancient Greeks thought fire was given to man by the god of fire named ________________. ___________________and____________were used to create fire by early Greeks.Find the answers at this link:FactMonster
8. The original games were held in honor of the Greek's chief god______________ Winners received a wreath made of___________ called a _____________. __________were not allowed to compete or attend.Find the answers at this link:Enchanted Learning
9. The Olympic flag with five interlocking rings(on a white background) are the following colors________________ and represent the continents which participate in the Olympics. Which is the only continent not represented at the games?__________ Why were these colors selected?____________________ Which three continents have yet to host an Olympic Game?_________Find the answers at this link:FactMonster
10. What is the name for the Official mascots of the London Olympic Games?_______ and ___________From what were the mascots supposed to have been made?_____________What are the "eyes" of the mascots?____________What popular form of transportation are also displayed with headlights on the mascots?___________The first mascot appeared at the Summer Games held in Munich, Germany, in 1972. What was its name and what type of creature was it?___________________Find the answers at this link:BBC News
11. In which year did the first women complete in the Olympics?_________ Which event did women participate?_________________Who was the first woman to win an Olympic event?________________Find the answers at this link: Topend Sports
Fun Facts:
  • This year's Summer Olympics will have women's boxing as an event for the first time.
  • Did you know that the London Bridge is found in Lake Havasu City, Arizona?It was purchased in 1968 from the city of London!
  • Policemen(women) are called "bobbies".
  • The British drive on the LEFT side of the road. Make sure you stay to the LEFT when walking down the street or using escalators!
  • If you order chips in a restaurant, you will get french fries. Candy floss is cotton candy to Americans.
  • The United States has hosted the Olympics the most times, four, but in different cities.
  • Great Britian, known as the United Kingdom, is made up of England, Scotland, Wales
  • and Northern Ireland.

  • Great Britain is the 9th largest island in the world and the
  • largest island of Europe.
  • The flag of Great Britain is called Union Jack.

  • Many famous people come from Great Britain. Some of these people include, the musical band, The Beatles,famous scientist Sir Issac Newton, famous writers William Shakespeare,Charles Dickens,and the Bronte sisters(Emily, Charlotte, and Anne),explorer Captain Cook(who discovered the Sandwich Islands or Hawaii), Sir Alexander Fleming(discovered penicillin).Alexander Graham Bell(telephone), and Charles Darwin.

  • Match the following British and American English terms:
    A. torch________________soccer
    B. plaster______________sneaker
    C. drawing pins_________flashlight
    D. It's gone off________bandaid
    E. fairy cake___________popsicle
    F. football_____________hood of car
    G. rasher_______________garbage man
    H. ice lolly____________cupcake
    I. dustman______________thumbtack
    J. trainers_____________trunk of car
    K. bonnet_______________slice of bacon
    L. boot_________________it's spoiled

    Additional Resources:
    Learn about England:Time for Kids
    Facts about Great Britain:Students of the World Info/a>
    The Olympic torch is lit from the sun's rays at Olympia, Greece, and specifically the temple of Hera. From there,the torch makes it way to Great Britain where, on May 19,2012, the torch will start at Lands End, England and begin its relay of 8000 miles, traveling to much of the populated areas of Great Britain.

    Learn about Cheese Rolling contests:Cheese Rolling
    Learn about Greenwich Mean Time:Pitara
    TopEnd Sports(Olympic Info)TopEnd Sports
    ***** Although I have checked the links for appropriateness, please preview before using and always monitor that your students stay at the sites listed. * Contact me for the KEY

    Update 6/26/12:It was just announced that Dalma Rushdi Malhas will not be competing as her horse was injured.The country of Saudi Arabia has never allowed women to participate in the olympics. That is changing for the London 2012 Olympics. It was announced that women athletes will be allowed to compete. Thus far, Dalma Rushdi Malhas,18,is the only female athlete coming. She is a showjumper. Other female teams,including basketball and track and field may compete if they can get their teams together in time for the start of the games this July 27th.Why the change? Seems that the rest of the Saudi male teams may have been disqualified from participating if females were banned from competition on grounds of gender discrimination. Girls are not allowed to participate in physical education in state run schools in Saudi Arabia and women can not drive cars and can not work or travel without permission. In 2015, women will be allowed to vote in elections in Saudi Arabia for the very first time.

    Photograph of Dalma is from the

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