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President Abraham Lincoln was president through the four years of the Civil War(1861-1865). He had promised in his election campaign that if elected, he'd end slavery. What you may not know is that President Lincoln started our national Thanksgiving holiday. He issued a proclamation saying that the last Thursday of each year would be a national Thanksgiving Day holiday. And, you may not know that Abraham Lincoln didn't like the name Abe and that even his wife called him by the name Lincoln.

"And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

by Abraham Lincoln

Learn more about our 16th president with this web safari!

1. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln didn't have a middle name? Famous for wearing his stovepipe top hat, he often used his hat to store notes, bills and letters. What were some of the books which Lincoln enjoyed reading as a boy?_______________________ How did his step mother, Sarah play an important role in Abe's growing up?_________________Go to this site to learn the

2.Abraham Lincoln loved animals and had pet rabbits, cats, dogs and even goats. As a boy, which creature did he see classmates mistreating?____________ What did he say to the classmates? ______________Once, Abraham Lincoln got muddy trying to help which animal that had gotten stuck in mud?________________ What custom did President Lincoln begin at the White House at Thanksgiving?________Go to this site to learn the answers:

3.Abe Lincoln loved his dog, Fido but decided not to bring his dog to the White House when he was elected President in 1860. Why did the Abe Lincoln decide not to bring his dog?__________________Given to his neighbor, Lincoln had some rules for Fido's care. Name three of these rules:__________________________________________ What did the Roll family give to the President before he left for Washington DC?________________Go to this site to learn the answers:

Check out the entire webquest at my TpT Store. The complete webquest on President Lincoln has 9 informative webquestions,discussion questions and the key.

Click here: Abraham Lincoln Webquest

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