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Here are two worksheet activities to help foster geography awareness on the state of Hawaii. Students could work in groups and use reference materials to find the answers to Mrs. Waffenschmidt and her new puppy, Schnitzel’s, travels to the state of Alaska. I’ve found several great sites to help young people learn about Alaska.

*With all websites, please check them out to see if they are appropriate for your grade level.

Mapwork on Hawaii

Use the following websites to answer the map questions on Hawaii.


    1. Which island is the furthest west?_________________

    2. Which is the largest island?___________________

    3. On which island is the capital city and what is it called?______________

    4. On which island is the city of Hilo?_________________

    5. The Alenuihaha Channel is between which two Hawaii Islands?______________

    6. What is the name of the highest volcano peak in the Hawaii Islands and how high is it?____________________

    7. What are the two major rivers in Hawaii?_________________________

    Did You Know?

    There are 132 islands, shoals and reefs which make up the state of Hawaii. There are eight main islands.

    There are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian language. They are a,e,i,o,u,h,k,l,m,n,p and w.

    The only royal palace in the United States is Lolani Palace on the island of Oahu. On June 11th, the people of Hawaii celebrates Kamehameha Day, the only US holiday which honors a monarch.

    Captain James Cook,a British explorer, first came to Hawaii in 1778.

    The nickname for Hawaii is the “Aloha State”.

    There are 283 beaches and 750 miles of coastline that make up Hawaii.

    Travels with Mrs. Waffenschmidt and her new puppy, Schnitzel(Hawaii)

    Oh, Schnitzel, wasn’t it friendly of that young woman to give you a pink flower lei to wear around your neck? It is a sign of welcome here in the state of Hawaii. Hawaii is the _______state in the United States joining the flag in the year __________. The woman, wearing the traditional woman’s clothing called a _________,said, “_______”,which means welcome, or hello in Hawaiian. I responded “__________” or thank you in Hawaiian, for the pretty leis.

    Our first stop is the island of Oahu where the capital city___________ is located. We are going to travel to ______________the famous volcanic crater found on the island. The place got its name from the British who said the crystals in the lava rock glistened like this precious stone. Here’s a dog treat for you. You’ll need your strength if you are going to climb to the top of this site. I brought along some water and I have my backpack which I will place you in for the stairs we will have to climb to get to the bunker at the top. I understand the views from the top are beautiful!

    Wow, that was some climb! Good thing we got a bus to take us to the next place to see on this island. The U.S.S.___________ was attacked by the _______________on December 7, 1941, and was the event that lead the USA into World War 2 against this country and its two allies__________ and __________. We’ll take a boat to the memorial built over the remains of the battleship. It sank with most of its crew entrapped. Oil still leaks from the ship after all these years. Notice those people cutting up their leis? Many people throw the blossoms onto the water as a tribute to the lost men. Let’s call the park ranger over so he can cut the strings on our leis so we can do the same.

    All this exercise has given me an appetite. I think I’d like some of the fruit which is popular from here,_________ or ________. I think I’d like to sit by the famous beach on Oahu called _________and watch some of the many surfers. I know how you love the ocean so maybe, I’ll let you walk along the water.

    Next stop, the island of Hawaii, also called the “__________”. Along the way, did you notice all the graffiti messages made from white stones which people have placed on the volcanic rock? Nothing like the ancient picture writing of the native Hawaiians called __________which you can also see on the island. First, let’s drive to the rain forest and see the famous_________waterfall. It’s 442ft fall!

    Do you smell that odor? We’ve just arrived at Volcanoes National Park. It’s the smell of sulfur. ___________is the active volcano found here. It’s one of the world’s most active volcanoes! Did you notice that young man picking up some lava for a souvenir? It’s considered bad luck to do so and that if a person takes any lava or black sand, legend says the volcano goddess_______ will be very angry.

    Are you up for a helicopter ride over the island? I want to see the summit called___________. With a height of 13,796, this dormant(means sleeping) volcano is the home to one an important observatory and 13 of the world’s largest optical and infrared telescopes.

    Well, our trip to Hawaii is over. I think I’ll try and do some of the Hawaiian dance called the _______ while we wait to board our plane to our next destination.

    Websites of interest (Hawaii)

    Time for Kids

    Enchanted Learning

    Hawaii Kids

    Banyan Tree of Lahaini by Gail Skroback Hennessey

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