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Our American Flag:

A Webquest/Extension Activities


Gail Hennessey

How much do you know about our nation's symbol? Find lots of interesting information on our flag, Flag Day and the Fourth of July with this webquest!

1.Philadelphia seamstress and friend of George Washington,Betsy Ross, is credited with making the first flag.Others say that Francis Hopkinson, a congressman, was the person to design the first American Flag. How many versions of the flag have there been to date?________ What was different on the versions of flags?_________________In 1912,which president said that the flags should have a certain pattern?_________Find the answers at this link:

2. The idea of a National Flag Day,a day to honor our flag, was started by Bernard J. Cigrand, in 1885. Which president proclaimed a national day of recognition of the flag?____________ In 1949,which president established Flag Day to be held each June 14th?__________________ Find the answers at this link:

3. Flag Day is celebrated every June 14th. An 18 year old student designed the current design of our flag for a national contest. In fact, he received a B- for his design from his teacher. When Congress approved Robert Heft's flag design his teacher agreed to change the grade to an A! The year was 1958.What are three rules in which a flag must be treated?_________________________________________________________Find the answers at this link:

4. When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first landed on the moon in 1969, they planted a U.S. Flag. How many American flags are on the moon at this time?___________Name two other countries that also have flags on the moon._________and __________The EU, a group of European countries,also has a flag on the moon.To fold a U.S. flag correctly, in which shape must it be?________________What must show after the flag has been folded?___________Find the answers at this link:

Fun Facts:

Did you know that most flags have the colors red and white?

  • There are 7 red stripes and six white stripes on the American Flag. A red is on the top and bottom.

  • The African country of Libya's flag is all green. It is the only flag with no other color or design.

  • The shape of most flags is rectangle. The flag of Nepal is the only one that is not rectangular or square in shape.

Extended activities: the poem and have students write a response as to what they think the poem is saying. a short video on the history of the US Flag

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