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Letís Explore the Romans

1. What was the Roman Forum?________________________ What did an ORATOR do at the Forum?__________________Find the answers at this link:Rome.mrdonn.org

2. Why did people throw coins into Trevi Fountain (11)? _______________People still do this today! What is the procedure to throw a coin into the fountain? Find the answers at this link:planetware.com

3. The ancient Romans were famous for their baths. List TWO facts about the Roman baths.__________________ and ____________ Find the answers at this link: carlos.emory.edu

4. Wealthy Romans often had an atrium in their homes. What was an atrium?____________________What were TWO things which an atrium provided?_______________ and _____________ What was used to light a Roman house?____________________Find the answers at this link: carlos.emory.edu

5. Few people could read and write in Ancient Rome. From whom did the Romans adopt an alphabet?_______________ What was placed on a "writing board"?_______________ What was the name for the writing tool?_________________ Find the answers at this link: carlos.emory.edu


Click on any TWO: Aqueduct, catacombs, baths, panthenon roads, forum, clothing, recreation or architecture.
Write FOUR Facts learned about TWO of these topics. _________________ _____________________ ____________________ ________________and _________________ ____________________ ___________________ _________________

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In addition to notes, I have included lots of additional resources, websites and activities that you might find of value.

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