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FUN facts about colors

  1. Did you know the color blue was considered that of the working class in ancient Rome? Wealthy people wouldn't wear the color blue. Barbarians painted their faces blue, especially in battle, so it was associated with wild people and not a color of the upper classes. During the Middle Ages, specifically the Renaissance, blue gained popularity and was a symbol of purity, divinity and humility.Virgin Mary was painted in blue.The Greeks and Romans didn't even have a name for the color blue.

  2. Today, blue is the favorite color of most Americans.

  3. Babies recognize the color RED as their first color.

  4. Black cars have been deemed the least safe with white being the color car least involved in accidents.(some say silver)

  5. Want to remember better? Studies suggest that we remember things in color better than in black and white.

  6. People are most attracted to the color combo of yellow and red.Studies have found that the two colors also cause an increase in appetite.(check the logos of many fast food companies and you will see these two colors used).

  7. Yellow isn't used on airplanes as a study found that the color yellow can cause nausea.

  8. Some people have a fear of COLORS. It is called chromatophobia (or chromophobia)

9. The color wheel was developed by Isaac Newton, in 1666.

10. Studies show that the color pink has a calming effect on people.

11. Can colors effect the taste of something? Studies say that orange cups make people think that a chocolate drink is tastier than other colored cups.

12. Bulls being attracted to a red cape is a myth. They have no preference to colors and any color could cause them to charge. It is the MOVEMENT that attracts the bulls(example:bullfights).

13.Did you know that there was a color called mummy brown? It was ground up mummy and was a favorite of painters of the19th century.

14. At one time (Elizabethan Era in Great Britain), only nobility could wear the color orange. Interesting before 17th century, carrots weremostly purple!

15. Purple was the color of royalty in ancient times. Originally the color came from a sea creature. Like the octopus, the murex, a spiral shellfish, had a gland that was squeezed to get tiny amounts of a yellowish liquid. The sun and air turned the liquid a bluish-red dye. Six pounds of liquid dyed just one pound of wool. It took about 10,000 murex to get enough to dye a garment.

16. The Latin word, "colos"", meaning covering or cover, is where the word "color" came from.

17. China had the world's best graphite for pencils at one time. To show that the graphic in pencils was from China, they were painted yellow (1890s).

18. Bees in an area of France were producing blue and green honey(2012). Seems the bees were eating waste from a factory that made M & Ms!