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STEM BIOGRAPHIES, Reader's Theater Scripts (Part 2)

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My Book- Fashion Rules!

My Book-Mrs. Paddington and the Silver Mousetraps

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Mrs. Portulaca Purpilopilis

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The Wooden Cookie Box Story The Wooden Cookie Box

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History is full of fascinating stories of colorful characters, but some of the most interesting parts of history are really odd. You have probably seen scenes of government officials with their powdered white wigs, but in 1700s England and high-society in the American colonies, women created towering hairstyles. Decorations such as ships and flowers were sometimes added to their hairdos, especially if attending a big party. Taking hours to create, women used beef tallow and sugar-water to keep their hairdos in place. This fictional account explains a very real fashion trend and the problems it created for women trying to look stylish!

Mrs. Paddington and the Silver Mousetraps

August 2020: Fashion Rules! published by Red Chair Press
My Book- Fashion Rules!

Social Studies School Service has published my book of Twenty Reader's Theater Scripts on people in ancient History(see list under "plays") or click here to learn more and order:Gail's Book!

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Reader's Theater Scripts: Improve Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension (Secondary). Teachers Created Materials
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I began writing for Aadarsh Publishing in 2012-present:
  • Purple and the Cupcakes
  • Purple Meets Freddy at the Lilly Pad
  • Purple Helps Roxy Learn to Swim
  • Purple and the Pumpkin Race
  • Purple Turtle's Birthday Party
  • Purple and Biggy and The Monster under the Bed
  • Purple and World Peace
  • Purple Turtle- Uses Less
  • Purple and the Safari Adventure
  • Purple and the Chocolate Dream
  • Purple and the Amusement Park Adventure
  • Purple Meets a Siberian Crane
  • Purple Meets Whammy, the Killer WhalePurple and Friends Journey to the Amazon Rainforest
  • Purple and the Melting Glaciers
  • Purple and the Sea Turtle Hatchlings
  • Purple Meets Doodlebug, the Puppy Model
  • Purple Meets Angel Cat Sugar
  • Purple and Goople Travel Inside the Earth
  • Purple and Goople Visit World Landmarks
  • Purple and Goople's Adventure Under the Sea
  • Purple and Goople Travel Back to the Dinosaurs

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  • Colour Fairies: Go Go's Flying Lesson
  • Colour Fairies: Yay Yay Gets Her Wand

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    Read my story, "The Wooden Cookie Box"(a young girl learns about her family history from her favorite cookie!) Click here to read the story! The Wooden Cookie Box

    Will the Real Paul Revere Please Stand Up? and 14 Other American History Plays.
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