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Let's Explore the Middle East..Webquest/Extension Activities

The birthplace of three of the world's major religions, the home of the world's oldest known civilization, hotspots where people are fighting and the important world's resource-oil, make the Middle East, the region where the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe met, important to the rest of the world. Did you know that the longest river in the world is found here? It is the Nile River and is found in the country of Egypt. The country of Turkey is one of only two countries to be located on TWO continents.

1. Look at the map of the Middle East.ducksters.com
What bodies of water touch the country of Saudi Arabia?_________________________Name four Middle East countries which touch the Mediterranean Sea?_______________________________Name four countries which touch the Persian Gulf._______________________________________________

2. The Suez Canal, the 101 mile man-made waterway is nicknamed this ___________________ Although the first evidence of a canal dates back to 1850 BC, when was the actual Suez Canal started and who was the engineer?___________________________ _________________ What is the problem with the canal that it needs constant maintenance? _____________________________________Find the answers at this link:mrdowling.com

3. The Dead Sea is really a 50 mile long and 11 mile wide LAKE, So, why is it called SEA?__________________________The Dead Seas is found between which two countries?____________ and _______________ SEVEN times saltier than the ocean, the Dead Sea has no fish. Name THREE other salt water bodies of the world._______________ ________________________Find the answers at this link: mrdowling.com

4. From the Arabic word, Bedu, bedouin means "inhabitant of the desert"". Look along the left margin. What is a custom about Bedouin woman's hair?____________________ Why are clothes left on the grave of a Bedouin who has died?__________________________What is a shabbaba?_____________What is a rababa?________________________Find the answers at this link:geographia.com

5. What religion and language are most Bedouins?_________________ and ___________What is the name for the extended family of Bedouins?____________Who is the head of this group?________________________Find the answers at this link:mrdowling.com




Simple Marzipan recipe

1 cup almond paste

2 egg whites

3 cups confectioners' sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

In a large bowl, knead almond paste to soften. Mix in egg whites and confectioners' sugar 1 cup at a time. Add vanilla. Work the mixture until it feels like pie dough. Try adding different food coloring to the dough. Shape into balls.

2.Have students try matzo, a Jewish cracker

3. Write your name in Hebrew: http://www.my-hebrew-name.com

Write your name in Arabic: http://www.krysstal.com/writing_arabic.html

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Let's Explore the Middle East Webquest/Extension Activities

Note: Illustration is from:pixabay.com and Openclipart.org