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Great Barrier Reef

Off the coast of Queensland, Australia is the world's largest coral reef in the world, Scientists say the reef that extends for 1600 miles in the Coral Sea is in big trouble. Nearly 1/2 of the reefs coral has been lost in the past 27 years. Scientists say there are many factors that have caused the coral destruction: rising ocean temperatures, increased storms in the area,agricultural fertilizer washing into the reef area and lots of starfish(especially the crown-of-thorns) are eating the coral. Even more alarming, scientists say that the amount of coral may decrease in half again by 2022.Coral reefs are important to the ecosystem of oceans because they provide food as well as protection for marine life. The Great Barrier Reef, sometimes referred to as the "single largest animal being of the world", can be seen from outer space!

Some Facts:

Over 1500 species of fish call the Great Barrier Reef home including 360 species of coral, 6 marine turtles, 17 sea snakes, 30 species of whales and dolphins, about 5000-8000 mollusks, 600 species of echinoderms and 500 species of seaweed.

Some of the most deadly marine life in the world live in the Great Barrier Reef area(box jellyfish, stone fish and Blue ringed octopus).

The Great Barrier Reef is called one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

On June 11,1770, Captain James Cook was the first European to see the Great Barrier Reef up close and personal-his ship ran into it!

It is against the law to take any souvenir coral from the reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is about the size of the state of California(or the country of Italy) or about 70 million football fields!

You can see the Great Barrier Reef from outer space! The Great Barrier Reef is sometimes referred to as the "single largest animal being of the world". The Great Barrier Reef was formed about 18 million years ago!

Extension activity:

Can't get to the Great Barrier Reef? See this beautiful video:Sciencekids

Note: Photograph from WPClipart.com