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Just How Do We Elect A President?

Just What is this word called IMPEACHMENT?

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The Election Process

Just How Do We Pick A President?


Gail Skroback Hennessey

Learn about the Presidential Election and the process with this webquest.

1. 1. Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. He was elected in 2016. In which state was he born?___________In which business did Donald Trump make a lot of money?___________________ In which television series did he star for five years?__________________ Find the answers at this link: Find the answers at this

2. What is the symbol of the Democratic party?_________ What is the symbol of the Republican party?_____________Which famous cartoonist drew both symbols?_____________ Find the answers at this link:

3. What are the THREE requirements to VOTE in the United States?_________________________________. Find the answer at this link:

4. To be eligible to run for President of the United States, how old must you be?_________Another requirement is that you are a "natural born"U.S. citizen. You can be born in another country but only if thisrequirement is met._______________ How many years must you have lived in the United States to be eligible to run for President?__________Find the answers at this link:

5.Once the election is over, on which date is the new president sworn into office?______________Why was the date moved from March 4th?____________________Who swears the president into office on this day?______ Where is the inauguration ceremony held?__________Find the answers at this link:

There are 12 web questions in the complete resource.

Did You Know?

The President of the United States receives a salary of $400,000 plus $50,000 for expenses.

Both John Kennedy and Herbert Hoover did not accept their salaries! Herbert Hoover earned $75,000 and John F. Kennedy's salary was $100,000 per year as president.

James Garfield, Harry Truman,Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were left-handed presidents. Some books say Herbert Hoover was also but his Presidential Library says he was not.

There are seven Did You Know? facts.

Comprehension Questions:

  1. What are two requirements to become President of the United States?
  2. What skill(s) do people think Donald Trump has to be president?
  3. After the election in November, the current president, who will leave office on Inauguration Day, is often called a "lame duck" president. What do you think this means and why?
  4. Why do you think the 22nd Amendment was past limiting the term of a president?

There are SEVEN comprehension Questions in the complete resource.

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Just what is this word called Impeachment?You may have heard the word IMPEACHMENT being used in the news. Some people are talking about impeachment and the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. What exactly is impeachment? In U.S. History, only two presidents have had charges of impeachment. Use this webquest to learn more about how the founding fathers determined the use of impeachment in the U.S. Constitution and the history of impeachment. Click here:What is this Word Called Impeachment(A Webquest)