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Gail Skroback Hennessey

What do you know about China?

Learn about the country of China with this informative web quest!

* Photograph of pagodas from Gail Hennessey and

  • Name 10 countries which touch China:___________________

  • On which river is the city of Shanghai near?______________

  • Name the bodies of water which touch the country of China:____________________________

  • The Huang River empties into which body of water?_________

  • What is the capital city of China?______________

  • Name the "rooftop of the world", the highest mountain region of China,part of the Himalayans ____________________

  • What desert stretches into the country of Mongolia?____________

  • Which river is closest(north) to the city of Xi'an(home of the Terra Cotta soldiers)?________________

  • * Photograph of terra cotta soldiers from Gail Hennessey

    1. In 1974, farmers digging a new well made an amazing discovery. They found the burial tomb for the first emperor of China,Qin Shi Huang. Over 8000 life-sized soldiers have been unearthed. At one time, they were all colorfully painted but the color has faded since being exposed to light. What is unusual about the terra cotta soldiers?_____What else has been discovered in the pits outside of the city of Xian?______________ What is terra cotta?____________ Find the answers at this link:

    2. Because the Chinese word for fish is similar to the word for plentiful, the fish has become an important symbol for Chinese New Year. What are 2 fruits that are eaten during Chinese New Year? ______________What is believed these two fruits provide?____________ What number is considered bad luck and why? ________________________The color red is considered to be good luck. What is considered good luck to hear on New Year's Day?___________Find the answers at this link:

    The complete web quest has 10 informational questions,several fun Facts about China, comprehension questions and the key.

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